Born in Spain in 1991, I’ve always been creative, excited and passionate. I learnt to read before the rest of my class, I was in love with logos and typographies, so thanks to that, I learnt way before the others. Ten years after my birth, I created my first website and since then, nothing has stopped me. I love to learn from others, I love new stuff and good design. I always knew that speaking languages was going to be important in my life, now I can communicate in Spanish, English, French and Italian.

I’ve known for several years now that advertising was my thing. I’m motivated and enthusiastic,  I’m always looking to make something remarkable. I can spend hours and hours reading blogs, twitter feeds and everything related to advertising. I love this world even if sometimes it’s crazy, the busy life and the short deadlines are what I love the most. When I made my first steps in an advertising agency, I knew it was my place. I was amazed! That’s why I love what I do.


I want to change things, to make a difference. But for the moment it’s time to learn and travel, to discover as much as possible. A story that has just started in a blank piece of paper, that’s how I see my future. I don’t know what awaits for me, but I’m sure that something awesome is going to happen.

I love to travel and I love to discover cities. I visit people, I discover places with my loved ones...

So I decided to share these precious moments with you. That’s it!

I have many cities on my list, so fasten your seatbelt, we’re a bout to take off!

As simple as a camera, a plane ticket and the people that I love. I will publish new videos regularly.

Stay tuned!

I would love to hear from you... If you have anything to say, please send me a message. I accept ideas, job offers, suggestions and so on, so feel free to write a few lines!

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